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Create a Virtual Control System in minutes.

Deploy on any hardware

Industrial Automation platform built on open standards,

for real time control

No-code automation design virtual PLC or vplc platform from OTee

Drag n' drop

No-code automation design

The Architecture Builder is a tool used for visualizing the communication, topology and inventory taking of industrial assets, in addition to serve as a data structure hierarchy.

The use cases can be various, among others:

  • Discussions and collaboration when designing infrastructures.

  • Master source for infrastructures and architectures

  • Convert design to virtualized control system

  • Ability to export the configurations for reusability and version control

Architecture Builder

Industrial Automation standard

PLC Editor

based on the best from IT and OT

The PLC editor is a web-based tool to program, test and simulate the PLC logic following the specifications required by industry standards (IEC 61131-3). The testing is done through a hardware simulator interface, such that the digital twin (PLC/IIoT inputs) will respond correctly to PLC outputs.It’s intuitive for the user and supports the good coding practices.

OTee PlC editor environment with IEC 61131 and IEC 61499

Open Source

OTee vPLC RunTime

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Open Process Automation and Open PLC

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